How do

we work?

Our ethos

At monkeyproof, we want our work to complement our lives, and vice versa. As professionals, we are proud of our high quality language products. We work with integrity, respecting and being honest with our clients, and expecting the same in return. We see one of our goals as empowering others, where possible, to improve their own publications.

All members of the team work from home, and therefore can be flexible with their hours, which can mean increased responsiveness to clients’ needs while ensuring a healthy work-life balance. We try to minimise the impact of our work activity on the environment, for example by using recycled paper and a carbon-neutral web host, Dreamhost. We agree achievable deadlines with clients and maintain timely and open communication with them, so that we can deliver what we have promised to deliver. In return, we ask clients to complete payment for work within 30 days.​

Although we will consider any commission, who we work for is important to us, and we are happiest when working for clients whose ethos is similar to our own and whose work we respect and admire.​

Cancellation/rescheduling policy

We try to be as flexible and client-centred as possible, as we know that personal deadlines can move and the unexpected happens. If you agree by email to employ our services, this is considered a formal arrangement and if you later cancel this we reserve the right to charge up to 50% of the estimated fee (your particular circumstances and the notice given will be taken into consideration in deciding this). 

If you wish to reschedule rather than cancel, we request at least 48 hours’ notice (excluding weekends, eg if your work is booked in for a Monday at 9am we will need to hear from you by the previous Thursday at 9am). We will then do everything possible to find new dates, and will strive to still return the work in time for your deadline, although this will depend on the length of the delay and our commitments to other clients. We will always try to fill the original date/s with another booking, but if this is not possible we will charge a percentage (up to 25%) of the estimated fee to cover the loss of income. Like most people, we need to make a living, and we thank you for treating our time with respect in this regard.