Are we

any good?

Is monkeyproof any good? Well, our clients seem to think so.

Here’s a selection of lovely things they have said about us.

“Copy-editing is about not only correcting grammatical mistakes but making the texts sound better. When I get my texts back from Megan, I am always amazed by how smart she makes me sound.  It is difficult to find a good copy-editor, and you definitely know when you have found one: Megan is very good!  I also appreciate her quick and thoughtful responses to whatever inquiries I may have about her corrections and suggestions.”

Mari Korpela
Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Tampere, Finland

“Susy has never failed to provide top-quality translations for Save the Children.  She works hard, often to tight deadlines, researches diligently and returns translated copy that is reliably excellent.  Approachable, well‑versed in the myriad subject areas we cover, and ever-flexible, Susy is a valued member of our team of translators.  Megan always produces work that is of the highest quality.  She and Susy work together like fish and chips: their skills are complementary and this results in fresh copy that flows beautifully every time.”

Verity Leonard Hill
Translations Manager, Save the Children

“Esther Santamaría Iglesias has undertaken numerous indexing and proofreading jobs for Wallflower Press and she has proved to be extremely efficient and conscientious, always ensuring a consistency of very high quality work.”

Yoram Allon
Editorial Director, Wallflower Press

“As soon as I opened the file and read the changes that Megan was suggesting, I realised how much my own ideas were greatly improved.  We kept an open communication all the time to clarify any of my points and I was totally satisfied with the final result. My paper was short-listed and selected for publication!”

Kyara Rojas Bustos
PhD research student, Goldsmiths College, London

For years Susy has looked after our translations from English to Spanish.  Some of the work has been huge, including the UN Resource Guide for Gender in Water Management.  Also, the content is not easy; some water and sanitation-related terminology is tricky.  On the one hand we want to call a spade a spade, but on the other hand we don’t want to use offensive or even dirty words.  With Susy our work was, and is, in capable hands.”

Joke Muylwijk
Executive Director, Gender and Water Alliance

Where some of our clients are…

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